Price: $800

State: California
City: Oceanside
Zip code: 92058
Type: Animals

She is very sound, strong, forward and yet gentle enough for novice lesson students! An EASY keeper. Has lived with Dogs, Cats, Fowl, Goats, fillies, stallions, cattle and a grip of kids. Has trekked the Trinity Alps and packed out a deer with a 190lb man actually on her at the same time in several narrows along the path(s). Good with quads and cars. Pastures fine. Stands still and loves the ferrier. No Hoof, joint, or other health conditions to worry about. 19 years super young and rearing to be Rodeo Princess Sassy Pants but Precious Princess Moments at home. Always neighing and calling for you when she sees you coming. Hangs out around our front porch to greet us in the morning. Eats lunch with us at the picnic table...I'll look for pictures ;) She's a great lady-Great with kids of all sizes!
It would also be important to us that she have other horses around or nearby. . . or even trailered to lessons to be able to be social. Finally, Starling has been a gymkhana horse. She did barrels and poles and was used for driving. Loved being a part of the Hayfork Fair and in the rodeos but we have used her for English and Jumping as well. Does good in the trailer and has never shown any signs of being barn sour, cribbing, bullying, kicking, threatening to kick...She's a great horse that has lived with a wild-mountain-feral-child family of 7 great all natural kids, in the Northern CAlifornia Mountains her whole life! We would love it if she went to a home where that might be a focus for her. She is a tad over 12hh 1 inch, and she measured 64 inches.